Thursday, January 18, 2007

To My Children

The intended purpose of this blog is not as a forum for you guys to trash and criticize each other. Start your own blog if you want to do that.
Love, Mom

Monday, January 15, 2007

Paul & Nicky

Paul and Nicky at the start of the Rose Parade 2007. Apparently the MMB staff saw Nicky, thought he was Paul, and became confused as to why Paul was in the wrong uniform, playing the wrong instrument. Nicky is just hoping that his AP stats teacher doesn't ask him to calculate the odds of two brothers both marching in the Rose Parade, one band right before the other, with Paul in the very back row of the parade block and Nicky in the front row, right behind Paul.

Ashton's braces

Ashton got braces on Saturday. The very nice USC orthodontist gave me his cell phone number and his email address in case of emergency. Needless to say, the topic of conversation at family dinner that night was what would entail such an emergency that one would need to call the orthodontist on his cell phone. Ashton wants to, though. He is disturbed because the instructions they gave him said he could have only one carbonated beverage per day because the carbonation could unglue the brackets. We were unsure whether it was the bubbles or the carbon dioxide itself that would cause the damage. Ashton thinks he should call the orthodontist on his cell phone to ask because he wants to drink more sodas.


Scott's first winter

Ann Arbor – 32 deg F
Berkeley – 35 deg F
La Canada – 46 deg F

Looks like it’s cold in California. So far it has been a very mild winter in Michigan.

Mom (Jovauna disregard) – I woke up to the most beautiful thing this morning. All the trees and grass were completely iced over. Everything is a winter white. The trees are all dropping down because of the weight of the ice. It’s so cool. I’m walking around breaking icicles off of trees while everyone is looking at me like I’m mentally retarded.

Updated 1/19/07:


IT'S SNOWING! It's like being on vacation at Lake Tahoe. Little kids are sledding outside and everyone has a smile on their face. I wish I had a camera to send you pictures. Speaking of, the Explorer looks like it wants to take a gun to its head. It's iced over and covered with snow. I'm concerned about the bottom rusting out.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Favorite George Bush quote

"The key for me is to keep expectations low."

Ashton, regarding Nicky

"Mom, your son isn't the brightest tool in the shed."