Friday, January 25, 2008

Application Season

OK, that's it; I have had it with 1) worthless speculation on who is going to be elected President and 2) applications to college/law school/medical school. Why is it that the schools to which my kids are applying want to know the minutest details of their short educational careers, yet applicants for Leader of the Free World don't have to submit a personal statement, transcripts or standardized test scores? Is this a double standard or what? Furthermore, the candidates will not even disclose their LSAT scores! Why not? Do they have something to hide? What about their transcripts? Don't we want to know if they (i.e., GW) failed American history? These candidates are in front of the cameras 24/7 expounding on their virtues, but they won't give us the facts. My suggestion: Either change college/medical/law/vet school admissions to a popular election or require that the candidates submit their test scores. Hillary, Barack, John, John, Mitt, Huck, what do you have to say?

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Anonymous said...

Bonnie- I feel your pain. The process in CT is, in a word, ugly.