Saturday, April 12, 2008

Any Lives Left?

As many of you know, my cat -- Boots, My Man -- was the victim of a vicious unprovoked coyote attack last November. We almost lost poor Bootsy. Lucky for him, he used up most of his remaining lives and pulled through. We are very grateful to our skilled vet, Dr. Lucero, who placed drains throughout Bootsy's abdomen, and commended him on being such a strong and brave cat. Dr. Lucero was pretty sure, in fact, that the coyote had not fared as well in the claws of Boots. Here are some recent photos of Boots. You can see that he has regained the weight he lost and is now again obese. (Because he bites my ankles, and then I feed him. As I told the vet, it's survival of the fittest.) He is no longer allowed to wander any further than 1) the balcony and 2) the roof, where you can see him peering through the window, having just remembered that it's time to come in and eat again.

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Anonymous said...

That cat deserves to be beat up by someone else, for a change.